Welcome to Diamond Finish Car Wash Mascot. We offer a wide range of services including washing, waxing, polishing, buffing, interior shampoo and leather cleaning, as well as our “Diamond Finish” service. We pride ourselves on customer service with our team of friendly staff on hand to cater to your needs while you wait for your car to be cleaned by our professional detailers. Enjoy a coffee in our cafe, surf the internet or just sit back and watch our flatscreen T.V.. At Diamond Finish Carwash, you and your car will get the “Rolls Royce Treatment” you deserve.                Our Location Home Contact Us Our Services Extras Contact Us Our Facilities Our Location Our Services Home Sedans from $22, Wagons from $25, 4WD from $30   Airport Parking and        Valet Service Imagine being able to catch your flight, then have your car ready and wating for you when you get back, all the while being stored in a secure location nearby? With our valet service, we will drop you off, then pick you up when you get back from your trip, so you can drive home in your own vehicle, which we will keep at our facility minutes away. For more details, please click here, or give us a call on 9667 1400.
235 O’Riordan Street Mascot, NSW 2020
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